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Cappulido at Jupiter House!

For those of you Dentonites that have enjoyed Cappulido here, there and everywhere, we wanted to make sure that you know that Jupiter House on the downtown square carries our coffee daily. Be sure and stop by to grab a cup or five! For those of you that are not Dentonites, ask your local cafe if they would be interested in carrying the coffee and we’d be happy to send a sample. FYI, Starbucks wasn’t in to the idea….

Tis The Season…

With the falling leaves and brisk air upon us, I’m reminded that it must be the holiday season…and a great excuse to drink some Cappulido Coffee! Refill your stock just in time for friends and family at holiday gatherings that call for a ‘cup of joe’ or give it as the perfect gift for the coffee lover. Visit The Cappulido Store to stock up and find out whats been going on in our world. Thank you for supporting Cappulido and happy holidays to you and yours…

Cappulido on Stereogum!

To check out the interview and mingle around the Stereogum website…Click Here!

Bye Bye UPS, Hello USPS!

Cappulido has now changed its shipping service to the good ol’ USPS. That’s right, the United States Postal Service. UPS prices were just a bit too high, and shipments were taking longer than they should. Now with cheaper shipping prices and quicker service, you can worry more about coffee than shipping. Happy shopping!

Attention All Denton, TX Residents!

Beginning this month (August), Denton, TX residents can have their Cappulido Coffee delivered right to your doorstep with NO shipping charge! Simply go to the ‘Denton’ tab from the main page, and fill out the order form there. After submitting, you will receive an email with a link to pay. Once paid, your order will be processed and delivered within 3-5 business days. Viva Denton, TX!

Cappulido on the cover of Quick DFW!

If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, be sure to pick up a copy of today’s Quick newspaper. If not, click here to see the feature on Cappulido. Enjoy!

Cappulido in Pitchfork


Midlake Guitarist Starts Fair Trade Coffee Company
Photo by Akmal Naim

Denton, Texas’ soft rock renegades Midlake have a mild sonic flavor that goes down smooth. And that proclivity for delicacy should carry over from the recording booth to Cappulido Coffee, the new venture from Midlake guitarist Eric Pulido.

Pulido would like very much to get you jacked the hell up on any one of the six blends of coffee his Cappulido has to offer– coffee which, he emphasizes, is pretty much the most fairly traded item in the history of the trading trade. Shucks, if you want, you can nab a monthly subscription to Cappulido, ensuring a bag of beans is delivered directly to your doorstep every 30-odd days.

Cappulido is available to order now, and all is otherwise quiet on the Midlake front for the moment.

Cappulido is born!

We’d like to welcome you to the wide world of coffee through the eyes of Cappulido. Thank you for visiting the site and trying our great coffee for yourself. We will host news here not only about Cappulido but everything under the the umbrella of coffee, so feel free to share your thoughts as well. Whether it be roasting, brewing or drinking coffee, we will talk about it and so much more, right here. So hold tight for more news and be sure to take a stroll around the site!