Cappulido in Pitchfork


Midlake Guitarist Starts Fair Trade Coffee Company
Photo by Akmal Naim

Denton, Texas’ soft rock renegades Midlake have a mild sonic flavor that goes down smooth. And that proclivity for delicacy should carry over from the recording booth to Cappulido Coffee, the new venture from Midlake guitarist Eric Pulido.

Pulido would like very much to get you jacked the hell up on any one of the six blends of coffee his Cappulido has to offer– coffee which, he emphasizes, is pretty much the most fairly traded item in the history of the trading trade. Shucks, if you want, you can nab a monthly subscription to Cappulido, ensuring a bag of beans is delivered directly to your doorstep every 30-odd days.

Cappulido is available to order now, and all is otherwise quiet on the Midlake front for the moment.

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